Love, life and laughter,
I’m bruised and bloody,
Wash away the stain.

You can’t


I’m just the messed up potato
I always was.


It’s burning raw inside
This skeleton of hide
And hurts more than pain

It hurts my brain.




The gift

The gift is mine but not to give

Not to open

Just there. Inside me.


The gift is mine but I say no

Keep it shut

Just there. Inside me.


The gift is mine but you need it

Ask for it

Just there. Inside you.


The gift is mine but I can’t share

Stuck in me

Not there. Inside you.


Down, up, down, up
down, splutter, cough
Cleansed. Inside and out
salted. Preserved.
Feet stumble, hair drips
nothing matters but the waves.

Up, down, up, down
up, giggle, shriek
Happy. Inside and out
soaked. Renewed.
Arms flail, eyes sparkle
nothing matters but the waves.


The impossibility of moving
Is all too possible for me
No-one’s really budging
To let me in to see

I only want some grassy land
Somewhere to flex my toes
Why’s it so bloody difficult
This one, nobody knows!

The Reality of Cliches

Funny how the days turned to years
Yet the tears, they just stayed as tears
Your face is a memory etched into my mind
But your touch and smell are harder to find.

I still wonder how it is that every spring
Lambs are born, flowers grow and birds sing
Did they forget I told them you aren’t here
Maybe your voice is still ringing in their ears.

Time’s the greatest healer or so they say
But I miss you more with each passing day
So please show me how to wind back the clock
What I’d give to go back to the starting block.

The Lady with the Wave to her Hair

The lady with the wave to her hair, she said
The one who’s struggling to breathe.

But I know who that is, I said
The one who ran off and left me.

She’s saying it started before you, she said
The not being able to breathe.

She’s here speaking to me, I said
The one who ran off and left me.

You must realise it’s not your fault, she said
Her quitting being able to breathe.

But that’s the thing right there you see,
Doesn’t matter what anyone tells me,
I’ll always know I could have done more,
Stopped her action to shut life’s door.

Lady with the wave in her hair,
Sorry that I was only half there,
I was too young, didn’t understand,
Should have held your hand in my hand.

Thank you for making yourself known,
Proving I’ve not been left on my own,
No need to explain why, what or how,
Just relax, watch and rest for now.


Standing alone on the outside,

Watching, waiting, wishing.

To be on the inside.


Standing alone on the inside,

Watching, waiting, wishing.

To be included.


Standing alone in the group,

Watching, waiting, wishing.

To be free from others.


Standing alone anywhere,

Watching, waiting, wishing.

To be where I’m not.